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    How to date a biker single

    As the technology develops, the newly invented way of conducting an active social life for Harley motorcycle riders has come to the view of others, which is Harley dating websites, it is much more easier for Harley biker singles to find either friendship, companionship and romantic relationship with another compatible Harley motorcycle lover. However, with an excellent Haley online dating service designed only for Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, having a high quality Harley biker dating experience is still depending mostly on male ad female Harley riders themselves. Thus focusing on the question of How you optimize your Harley motorcycle dating experience, our website has come up with three most ignored, but at the same time most crucial Harley biker dating tips for Harley motorcycle enthusiasts.

    1.Realize that the time has changed and forget about the out dated Harley motorcycle dating rules.
    Forget about the so-called professional biker dating advice such as Do not go out with a Harley motorcycle lover who is out of your league, woman Harley riders are suggested to wait for a least 3 days before texting back a male Harley rider and Harley motorcycle guys should always pay for the bill to show their dominance. Do realize that the time has changed and so does the mentality of numerous Harley motorcycle enthusiasts. As a Harley motorcycle rider who is always chasing after the sun and excitement, gender equality plays a rather significant role and now matter what your gender is, showing independence is always a great attraction for Harley biker singles.

    2.Never ignore the importance of your profile and photos.
    Meeting other Harley Davidsno riders online means that profiles and photos are the main way for your potential Harley biker partner to get to know you. Therefore creating your profiles and posting photos on Harley biker dating websites such as biker planet and biker next will never get you far as ou think. Then you might ask: What is the most useful tip for Harley biker lovers to stand out in their profile and biker pictures? The key is to be creative and specific in your lines of bio. For instance, never write a dull and meaningless line such as I love going on a ride on a Harley motorcycle, instead, tell other single Harley riders your preferred route, motorcycle brand and ideal Harley biker ride companion. And do not forget to be positive, since every Harley motorcycle freak who is seeking for another Harley motorcycle half only want be to surrounded by positive vibes.

    3.Keep in mind all what matters is how you feel.
    Nowadays, there are way too many so called society rules that restrain Harley motorcycle enthusiasts from being their true self. Sometimes they even have to be forced into a unwanted relationship with an incompatible Harley biker single men and women Harley riders because that’s what the society want them to be. However, keep in mind that you are living this Harley biker riding lifestyle for no one but yourself and every Harley motorcycle love seeker is on a mission to live the life to their fullest.

    Riding safety that Biker men should care about

    Motorcycle riding has always brought fun and happiness to biker men. But all of a sudden, it can be a blast even for the best riders who have ridden for years. Unlike automobile driving, motorcycle riding involves more variables to pay attention to, like the protection of bikers themselves, the bikers’ ability and focus, the condition of the machine and so on. Once getting it wrong, the penalty can be more severe than driving a car. Thus, in order to protect yourselves and the ones you care about, just take concern about riding safety on the open road.

    The gear
    Even if your states don’t require bikers to wear helmet, it is not a good idea not to wear one when riding. All sanctioned racing requires full coverage helmet and head-to-toe protection, which suggest how important to put gear on when you ride. If you don’t want experience road rash and broken bones, just get yourself a proper gear, which serves a life-saving purpose. And don’t take the risk to forget the leather and textile on a hot day. It won’t cost too much to get yourself gear made for every climate.

    Skill of rider 
    Some motorcycles have a stunning appearance that can draw a lot of attention and the thundering sound is pleasure to the ear for motorcycle enthusiasts. Buying a motorcycle is easy with enough money or credit card. But to be a competent biker is more important than owning one. Riding courses from a good riding school can make bikers better and safer riders. Besides, self-teaching can be a great way, which has been taken by many most experienced biker men.

    Motorcycles, two-wheeled and single-track vehicles are not that easy to control by a biker man. It is bikers’ priority to check their motorcycles are in good condition, because there is less margin for error. Sometimes, a little mistake can be the cause of a disaster.

    Other tips
    Biker men should always wear clothing or at least colorful jacket or vest to make yourself visible for other riders and drivers. For some best riding gear, you can check the supermarket supplier or get some suggestions from other bikers on biker dating sites. At night, bikers should have reflectivity on their gear and the bikes, using extra running lights.

    Riding motorcycle should always be fun to biker men and biker women, we do hope you can totally enjoy the riding without any trouble. Just prepare yourself to be a responsible rider who is concerned about your riding safety.

    Ride a Motorcycle to get more chances

    In the modern social life, the environmental consciousness of human beings has become stronger than ever. More and more bikers are trying to find ways to start a green biker life and save more money. Besides, there is an increasing number of single bikers choose to search their best biker match who shares the same values and lives the same lifestyle with them on the biker dating sites. Of course, there are ways to help motorcycle riders to save a ton of cash while riding happily.

    • Save resources

    As far as we know, motorcycle is famous for its small and exquisite characteristics, which can save lots of manufacturing raw materials. On the other hand, in contrast with driving a car, riding motorcycle only needs a small amount of energy resources, such as the gas. And at the same time, developing a good habit of riding motorcycles can reduce the air pollution as well.

    • Save money 

    Due to the same reason of low manufacturing cost, a motorcycle is much cheaper than a car. Moreover, if you don’t have enough money to buy a new one, you can assemble the motorcycle by your own according to your true conditions. Of course, the motorcycle’s characteristic of small energy consumption will also help bikers save much gas fees.

    • Save time

    In the big cities, there are always some terrible traffic jams which have a serious influence on our daily lives. However, motorcycle is a convenient vehicle that can help us out of the trouble of traffic jams. By the way, if you want to win a biker dating, you need to arrive at the rendezvous on time to meet your biker girl. There is no doubt that riding a motorcycle can help you achieve this dream.

    • Save space

    Most of the times, people like to drive a car to hang out. They will soon realize that it is not easy to find a suitable parking space in the crowded city. But motorcycle riders will not be bothered by this problem. On account of motorcycle’s small shape, the rules of motorcycles traffic control are not as strict as the cars. So motorcycle riding can not only save the parking space, but also help bikers to live an easier life.

    • Save dating cost

    It is obvious that having a motorcycle dating with a single biker woman or man can save more money than having a dating in an upscale restaurant. Of course, it can make two hearts get closer together. Because, you will appreciate the beauty of the nature after a short motorcycle riding, which can effectively promote the relationship between you two.

    Despite that there are many other ways can help you save money and live a simple life, riding motorcycle should be the first choice in any case. If you hope to find a like-minded biker friend who has the same green biker lifestyle with you, then the biker dating sites may help you.

    5 Things You Should Do Before Ridng Your Own Motorcycle

    Due to the fact that motorcycle riding is an absolutely healthy lifestyle, more and more people want to become a motorcycle rider in recent years. Apart from that, motorcycling has made thousands of biker to be together, which makes online biker dating become a very popular way among biker singles. So you would better learn to ride a motorcycle to catch the steps of the world now. But before your riding, you would better do the following things.

    1. Choose a motorcycle with good quality
    In the past, many bikers usually ignored the motorcycle’s quality and performance to buy a cheap one, which has proved to be wrong. Because, their motorcycle will always be out of order. Even more serious is that many motorcycle riders lost their lives in the traffic accidents due to the motorcycles. Of course, saving money is a good habit, but your safety is the most important thing. By the way, if you want to buy a good motorcycle at a low price, you might as well seek advice from those experienced motorcyclists on the biker dating sites.

    2. Prepare related safety equipment
    In order to make sure that your motorcycle riding will be safe, you should buy the related safety gear as well. First, a helmet is needed, and the full-face helmet is the best choice. Because a full-face one can help you avoid directly impacting with the ground when you fall off from your motorcycle carelessly. Besides, you should prepare motorcycle clothes and gloves. After all, nobody wants to get injured during the motorcycle riding. Anyway, the basic riding equipment can protect you away from getting badly hurt.

    3. Take a training course
    Actually, it’s a long process to learn to ride a motorcycle and some skills may be difficult for you. So you should participate in a training course to master the basic and main techniques of motorcycle riding. Otherwise, you will feel perplexed when some accidents suddenly happen. Moreover, you can meet more biker friends to share and learn tips with each other, which can promote your learning speed.

    4. Get the motorcycle license
    The motorcycle license is the most authoritative paper to prove that you have already mastered the motorcycle riding skills. So you must get it before riding on the street. Because, it’s dangerous for you and the passers-by if you ride a motorcycle without a license. At the same time, the police will also not allow you to ride your motorcycle on the road.

    5. Cover motorcycle insurance
    Admit it or not, buying insurance is a measure of remediation. It can help you save much repairing cost when your motorcycle was broken. Furthermore, if you get hurt in a motorcycle traffic accident, the insurance company will pay most of the medical expenses for you. It depends on your true economical conditions to choose the type of the motorcycle insurance.

    If you are ready for all of the above things, you can ride your motorcycle to date with a single biker woman or man now.

    A new biker dating app - BikerKiss dating app

    As far as we know, almost all single bikers are busy with looking for their motorcycle date everyday. No matter how charming the single rider women or men might be, they will not choose to waste time to wait for the coming of their love. They are more willing to search for their ideal Harley lover actively.

    Thankfully, the new dating app can help motorcycle riders save much time to find other local rider women or men - as it puts rider singles at the forefront of the motorcycle dating process. Of course, this is a free bikerplanet dating app which was published by Bikerkiss lately. It allows you to upload your photos of the daily life so that other motorcycle riders can know you well. At the same time, you can also browse pictures of any other motorcycle riders if you want. By the way, this app is safe and all of those photos or profiles are verified.

    Once you received some messages, this dating app will notify you of it right away. Thus you don’t need to spend more time to open your computer any more. Everything can be done well and easily if you download the dating app to your mobile phone. This app also serves as a motorcycle community, so that motorcycle enthusiasts can also use it to simply share their joy and sorrow with others.

    Actually, whether a male or female rider wants to build new friendships or a long-lasting romantic relationship, this app is a good way for motorcycle riders to expand their friend circles and broaden their horizons. The app is currently available on Android and iOS. It is believed that this dating app will give you a different dating experience

    Every famous biker dating app has its own high reputations and special features, but which one is the most suitable one for you? Among all the best biker dating apps, the app may not disappoint you. Whether you will choose to use it or not, it’s not bad for you to have a simple knowing of it.

    With the purpose of offering every biker single a more convenient and quick way to look for their date, the site has ceremoniously launched its own dating app recently. Male and female riders can download it for free through the iTunes Store or the Android Market.

    Like most dating apps, users need to register their personal profiles. However, the difference between BikerKiss dating app and others normal dating apps is that all member’s personal information are verified, which builds a safe online dating environment for motorcycle riders. In addition, this dating app allows users to provide feedback of their using experiences. Then app will constantly improve the service according to those advice. Perhaps someday, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that your ideas have been adopted.

    Undoubtedly, this dating app has those basic functions which are the same as the official website. So you don’t need to worry about that you can’t get a complete using experience. Moreover, when you get into trouble outside, you can try to use this app to search your bikers nearby and ask them for help.

    Admit it or not, this special dating app is a practical tool which can not only provide single riders an easier way to date with others, but also can help motorcycle riders solve many problems in their daily lives.

    Motorcycle Camping - One Of The Best Way To Enjoy The Freedom

    For most motorcycle riders, one of the great things about motorcycle touring is riding all day on the open roads or tracks they've not ridden on before, then finding a spot to camp for the evening, cooking up some food, maybe finding a pub and having some time to chill knowing that the next day is going to be more of the same. If you are a biker who is dating a biker girl, then taking her to have a motorcycle trip and camp will be the best dating way for you.

    Bikers who love riding motorcycles are aware of that motorcycles are the symbol of freedom. And going on a motorcycle trip with a motorcycle camping in the wild is a perfect opportunity to enjoy that freedom. When you cook under the sky and sleep in your tent, you are able to breathe the outside air just like how you feel on your motorcycles. It is the most attractive part of motorcycle riding, and biker men and biker women can feel this freedom not only during the day, but also at night.

    A motorcycle trip does not have to be a long time activity, or even give up your family or your job. Riding around the world for six years does sound exciting and fun, but that’s just a beautiful dream. You can have an adventure bike trip to the towns or countries that are near your own city for a few days. And camp at some perfect spots when you need to. Besides, preparation and planning is the key to most things in our life, but there are always some fun and surprise between planning and no planning. However, if you want to do something well and enjoy a perfect motorcycle trip and motorcycle camping, it is better to do some preparations in advance.

    First up, bikers need to plan a route for themselves. If motorcycle riders know where they want to go, just find some campsites along the route. They can get some useful information on biker dating sites or camping sites. If they have nothing in mind and just want to have a motorcycle trip and motorcycle camping, they can choose the best motorcycle riding route in the country. Next thing bikers need to do is check out their biking and camping gear. If there are some pieces of gear don’t work well, then purchase new ones. And if you are new to motorcycle camping, then there are a lot of things for you to prepare. You are going to fit tent, sleeping bag, clothes and cooking gear on one bike.

    If you are riding out alone, then hope you have a wonderful trip and find a beautiful world of your own. If you are having a motorcycle date with a Harley girl, then you are lucky. And hope everything will be fine.

    4 Red Flags In A Relationship For Bikers

    Dating a biker man is going to wrap up you in the excitement and pleasure. It is supposed to be a great thing in your life with a single biker man taking you to ride on the open road and feel the freedom. But you should never allow yourself immersed in the excitement and forget the relationship red flags. These red flags in a relationship with a single motorcycle rider are not related to the personality quirks or bad habits, but indicative of the end of love. Here are a few red flags that should not be ignored for bikers.

    1. Your biker man is easy to be angry
    It is not a big deal to get angry sometimes for biker man or biker woman. What's matter is the frequency and severity your biker man becomes angry. Expressing anger is a way for motorcycle riders to release pressure, tension and pain, but not way to control something. Ask yourself if your biker man are easy to become angry without no reasons or if you are afraid to see him erupts. If the answer is positive, then you two should sit down calmly and see if this kind of issue can be solved.

    2. Your biker date shows secretive behaviors
    Honesty is the basic element of a healthy relationship. If your biker man is unwilling to share his daily life with you and never talk about the details of his activities without you, if he usually go out for a party without you and go home lately, then you should know that it is a sign of great problem between you and your biker partner. What’s the point to be reluctant to leave such a dishonest relationship? Try to find your ideal biker man on biker dating site.

    3. You biker guy becomes possessive about you
    Having a healthy interest in partner’s life is a good thing. Asking questions like “How was your day” or “What did you do today” is a great way to express the love and concern to dating partners. But if your biker guy is extremely interested in the details of your daily activities, then it is not normal at all. You need to talk to your biker man that you are uncomfortable with this. If he ignores your warning and continues to check your phones or even stalk you, you should consider ending this relationship as soon as possible.

    4. Your biker partner doesn’t say “I'm sorry”
    If your biker partner refuses to apologize when he has done something wrong, this could be interpreted as a sign that he sees him more superior in your relationship. Just for you to know that inequality is a big problem in a relationship and can lead to the end of love.

    The 8 Best Roads for Motorcycle Challenge

    A fantastic road is going to perfect the motorcycle travel for biker singles and friends. And if you wish to discover more scenic views and more challenges, then just ride to the most challenging roads with a group of Harley motorcycle riders, to enjoy the breathtaking speed, the strong winds and the delight of challenges. The following 8 roads are ranked as the best ones for biker friends to experience riding style. To have a great biker dating with your biker girl or boy on those roads, you had better invite some veteran riders to ride on the road first before your dating.

    1. The Twisted Sisters, Texas
    Located in Texas’s famed Hill Country. The Twisted Sisters are a group of great motorcycle roads which are Ranch Roads 335,336 and 337. So, it also known as The Three Sisters. The roads take bikers through a 100-mile loop of ranches, valleys and hills. It is said that there are 65 curves in just one 15-mile stretch.

    2. Tail of the Dragon, Tennessee
    It is an 11-mile stretch of US Route 129 which is widely considered to be one of the best motorcycle roads in America. The road brings bikers through Great Smoky Mountains National Park. With more than 300 curves in just 11 miles, it is one of the greatest challenges for motorcycle riders.

    3. Cherohala Skyway, Tennessee and North Carolina
    It stretches 43 miles from Tellico Plains to Robinville. Cherohala Skyway is a National Scenic Byway runs through both the Cherokee National Forest and the Nantahala National Forest, featuring a lot of fun sweepers.

    4. Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia and North Carolina
    It is 469 miles in length and spans 29 Virginia and North Carolina counties alongside the Blue Ridge Mountains. The numerous sharp curves and elevation changes make the top speed at 45 mph. It is absolutely spectacular in fall.

    5. Beartooth Highway, Montana and Wyoming
    Beartooth Highway features a number of zigzags and switchbacks, as well as spectacular views. It will bring riders twist through rocky mountains, glaciers and wildflower-laden alpine meadows. It is typically open from mid-May to Mid-October, due to the thunderstorms and heavy winds.

    6. Pacific Coast Highway, California
    This road is widely considered as one of the favorites in the eyes of many bikers, because it has woods, mountains, twisty roads and ocean views. The 120 miles of the Pacific Coast Highway are built near the rugged cliffs around central California’s coastline.

    7. Skyline Drive, Georgia
    The road is 105 miles long and can take riders to ride through Shenandoah National Park from north to south. The speed limit is at 35 mph due to the traffic, curves and wildlife. The white-tailed deer, black bears and wild turkey can be frequently seen on the road.

    8. Pig Trail Scenic Byway, Arkansas
    The Pig Trail is a 19-mile portion of Arkansas Highway 23, filled with awesome steep hills, dropoffs and switchbacks. It runs along the heavily wooded Boston Mountains, which provides riders more additional activities like white water rafting, kayaking and camping.